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Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments for beautiful, shiny, straight hair.

Gaga's style hair salon specialises in professional keratin treatments.

After our specific high-quality keratin treatment, you will enjoy beautiful, shiny hair for months.  We offer our keratin treatments for hair lengths: short, medium and long.


About Keratin:

Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in your hair.

Hair consists of ninety percent keratin and ten percent water. Keratin protein ensures that your hair remains strong, healthy, resilient and shiny and provides protection against external influences. Keratin loss occurs from blow-drying, using hair straighteners, colouring and other influences such as: the weather (sun), sea and swimming.

Due to the decrease in keratin content, the hair ages and loses strength and shine. In some cases and depending on the hair structure, the hair becomes fluffy. The natural production of keratin is simulated during the keratin treatment so that the hair becomes tight, shiny and healthy again.

About the treatment:

Keratin treatment is a treatment that focuses on nourishing and repairing the hair that has lost keratin. The treatment, which usually takes three hours, ensures that damaged, lifeless and fluffy hair immediately recovers and is converted back to sleek, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. Depending on the hair structure, the curls present will decrease from ninety to one hundred percent, and that saves on daily delays with blow-drying or using the straightener. The effect remains for about five months, after which your hair will gradually regain its old structure. The keratin treatment does not damage the hair as can be the case when applying other chemical treatments.

Keratin Treatment Aftercare:
It is important that after the keratin treatment, the hair is treated with the correct care products. In order to be able enjoying your amazing straight healthy hairstyle for months, we will inform you sufficiently about the aftercare of your hair and using the right products.